About Pranger Legal

I am Sjors Pranger, a lawyer specialized in the fields of intellectual property law, compliance, IT and contract law – with extensive experience both in private practice and in multinational, corporate environment.

With expertise in all fields of intellectual property law and a broad range of area's in compliance, IT and contract law, I combine detailed, in-depth knowledge with a pragmatic and direct way of working.

Intellectual property should foster, encourage and drive innovation. In my role as lawyer and counsel I always look for opportunities in how intellectual property can help and support businesses in pursuing innovation, development and overall progress. Recently, I have mostly been involved in, inter alia, drafting and negotiating a wide variety of IP-driven agreements, such as license agreements and complex, multi-party collaboration agreements; advising and negotiating in transactions in which the transfer of IP plays a substantial role and a broad variety of trademark matters, inter alia advising Nouryon in relation to the launch of its new corporate brand.

If you think I can be of value to you or your business, don't hesitate to reach out.